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night-night FUSION - Moss WP w/ deep purple cv (multi purple accents)

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The twinkie tush night-night FUSION boasts incredible soaker absorbency like its cousin the fitted night-night, but instead of more bamboo fleece in the diaper body, you'll notice a super-stretchy layer of poly fleece! With an outer layer of Wind Pro, this diaper is not only an absorbent beast, but a stretchy one too!!

The night-night FUSION includes the same long snap-in folding soaker and extra-wide snap-in folding flare soaker as the traditional twinkie tush night-night, but instead of the lay-in booster you're used to, it comes with a lay-in FUSION booster, backed with poly fleece! This lay-in portion must be placed at the very bottom of the soaker system (situated the way it is in our FUSION diapers), to help push moisture back into the super-absorbent layers of fluff throughout the soaker system!

The twinkie tush night-night FUSION continues to solve the overnight absorbency needs of heavy-wetting little ones while giving you a more generous and stretchier fit! We can't wait to make yours for you!!

Make sure to check out this [link]|album[/link]! for detailed photos and instructions on how to use the night-night diaper.

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