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SYOF custom Graduates

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Use this listing to secure a twinkie tush Graduates Simple Cut Group Custom slot! The picture in the listing is not for sale and is only illustrating the items you can custom order.

Please note that the cost for this listing is a deposit - the group leader's payment only. All other group members will receive payment links via email once we have recevied and approved your fabric and group information :)

Group and fabric information is due within 24 hours of purchasing this slot. If we do not receive your information, you order will be cancelled and deposit refunded.

The group spreadsheet should be a google doc or attached excel spreadsheet, containing all of the following for each group member:

1 - Full member name
2 - Member name as it appears in paypal account
3 - Member contact email
4 - Member paypal email
5 - Size preference (Please make sure to select a size we offer for your chosen style - that info is below.)

It is essential that the group name includes the Graduates style (eg Girls' Night In Simple Cut Girly Graduates Group).

All Graduates will have solid color leg and waistbands, which we will provide. You can express a group preference for this accent color if you would like to. It must appear on your spreadsheet in a single line (not different colors for different group members). Eg "purple bands if possible". You will ALSO need to convey this preference in your initial group email which contains the fabric link and the spreadsheet. If you do not express a preference in BOTH the email and the spreadsheet, we cannot guarantee we will receive your preference. And please note that while we will do our best to accommodate such preferences, we may not have the color you ask for and we may feel in person that it is not the right choice. Final selection of accent color will be made by Gretchen at TTHQ.

What sizes are offered in Graduates?


Please see the sizing chart in this listing.

Fabric requirements for all current Graduates styles are as follows:

We need 1 yard for every 5 pairs of Graduates (for your group of 5-20 we will need 1-4 yards).

At this point we are not offering special print placement options, but we will always do our best to get you the optimal cuts for your Graduates.

Other things you should know:

*Sometimes fabric that is sent in for group orders contains flaws, printing or otherwise. We always do our best to spot any flaws and cut around them whenever possible. However, sometimes flaws are missed. twinkie tush does not take responsibility for fabric flaws on fabric that has been sent in for group custom orders.

*Custom items will ship within 4-6 weeks of the end of the group invoice period.

*Once invoiced, group members have 48 hours to pay for their slots, or they will be forfeited. We reserve the right to cancel a group and return fabric at the group's cost if the majority of the group fails to pay for their slots.

*Shipping of the fabric to TTHQ is the responsibility of the group, as is return shipping in the event that a fabric is deemed unusable.

*All approved fabric becomes property of twinkie tush and may be used in whatever way twinkie tush sees fit once a group order is fulfilled.

*Pricing and policy is subject to change at any time.

Thanks so much and happy creating!! We can't wait to make your custom twinkie tush Graduates!!