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SYOF Blanket Group Custom

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Use this listing to secure a blanket Group Custom slot for 3-15 members! Please note that the cost for this listing is your payment only and you should pay for the size blanket you are ordering. All other group members are able to choose their size and will receive payment links via email once we have your group info! Please read through everything below carefully before participating in twinkie tush Group Customs. Thank you!

At this point we are willing to work with most fabrics. We reserve the right to change that without warning, should we experience problems with any type of fabric. We highly, highly recommend sending in high quality cotton, cotton lycra, or cotton poly blend knits. We do not recommend swimsuit or poly lycra, but we are not at this point disallowing it. We will also make woven blankets if you choose to send in a woven print. Please remember that a woven fabric is not cuddly the same way a knit fabric is, but that doesn't mean it will make a bad blanket - just different. :) We are also happy to work with minky or velour. You can feel free to ask about other fabrics by emailing us!

Sometimes fabric that is sent in for group orders contains flaws, printing or otherwise. We always do our best to spot any flaws and cut around them whenever possible. However, sometimes flaws are missed. twinkie tush does not take responsibility for fabric flaws on fabric that has been sent in for group custom orders.

Within 24 hours of purchasing the slot, the Group Leader must send the group information to The information spreadsheet must include the following information:

1 - Full member name

2 - Member name as it appears in paypal account

3 - Member contact email

4 - Member paypal email

5 - Blanket Size preference (small, medium, or large)

6 - Blanket Backing preference (natural OBV, cv, or solid cotton lycra knit)
*Please note that you may express a group color preference for cv and solid cotton lycra knit which we will honor on an as available basis and only if we feel it works with your print. We reserve the right to choose another color if we feel it is necessary. All blankets within a group will be made with the same color cv for members that choose cv. All blankets within a group will be made with the same color solid cotton lycra knit for members that choose that option.

The email subject should include your group name and order number, and all Group members must be cc'ed on this email. Again, group information is due within 24 hours of purchasing the slot.

The email must contain a link to a google spreadsheet or an attached Excel spreadsheet containing the required information for each Group member that we just discussed above.

If any of those elements are missing your Group production will be delayed. We recommend reviewing your spreadsheets before sending them in to double-check that everything is present.

*Please do not write ?TBD? for your sizing or backing style unless you want me to decide for you! :)

After sending in the information email, you will receive a confirmation email from us within one business day. That email will contain a link which allows all group members to purchase their Group Custom blankets. There will be drop-down menu within the payment link for small, medium, and large sizes where applicable. It is important that you choose the correct option based on your preference as stated in your Group spreadsheet. Group members will purchase their own blanket, including shipping, at this time. These payments are due within 48 hours of receipt of the payment links. Any blankets not purchased within the 2 day timeframe will not be made and there can be no exceptions to this policy. Should multiple group members fail to pay, twinkie tush reserves the right to cancel production of the group?s blankets.

After securing the slot, the Group leader will send us (at the Group's cost) adequate yardage of the chosen print fabric and all blankets will be cut from that yardage. Fabric requiremets are as follows:

For each 28x28 blanket: 1 yard
For each 34x34 blanket: 1.5 yards

For each 55'x55 blanket: 2 yards

For each 55x80 blanket: 2.5 yards

Yardage for groups should be continuous whenever possible. All blanket fabric will be pre-washed here at our studio before it is cut. Minimum width is 56.

This fabric can be sent directly from a fabric vendor, or from a group member. *Please make sure to include a note, or ask your seller to include a note, along with the fabric which references your Group Name.

*Please do NOT send in group fabric until your group has secured a slot. We cannot store fabric for potential future groups. Thank you for understanding.

We require that group leaders (or the other group member who procures and sends the fabric for a group) to provide tracking information for all group members. This can be done via PM, email, or in the group formation thread on Facebook. We cannot police this, but we ask that you follow this guideline and remember that your group is dependent on you to send in the fabric so that production of their blankets is not delayed! :)

All materials not indicated within the fabric requirements will be provided by twinkie tush. For members choosing obv we will use the natural color as opposed to dyed obv, and for cv I will choose a color that coordinates with your print. Only one color of cv will be used per Group (in other words please don't designate specific individual colors on your spreadsheet). It is fine for a Group rep to share a Group's velour preference (eg we'd really love aqua cv if it works or we definitely don't want black or something light like pale blue as opposed to dark like navy) but please note that final cv decisions will be made by me. If you express a preference for a color that doesn't work well with the print we will not proceed with it. However, if you say we definitely don't want X color we will honor that. Please note that descriptions like ?pretty? or ?bright? can be subjective. If you have a specific color in mind it is important that you tell us what it is. We will do our best to accommodate your request if it is made clear, works well with the print, and is something we have available when producing your blankets. Any requests made by the Group must be shared with us via email BEFORE we receive your fabric. If you have not made a request by the time we receive your fabric, I will choose the color that I feel works best with your print! :)

*The best way to communicate a cv or solid cotton lycra color request is to write it both in an email to us AND on your group spreadsheet, in a single line above or below your Group type line.

*Please do not ask for specific thread colors as we are not able to accommodate these requests. Also please note that if a print contains pink or purple we reserve the right to use pink or purple thread. We try our best to take note of ?please do not use girly colors? requests when they are made, but we are NOT able to guarantee that we will accommodate requests like that. Thank you for your understanding!

*All fabric submitted for Group Customs becomes property of twinkie tush and may be used at our discretion (for stocking, drawings, giveaways, charity events, or anything else we deem appropriate) once the Group order is fulfilled.

- Please note that we will price items made with remaining Group Custom fabric according to the cost of the fabric (based within our current pricing structure). This is something that has been requested of us by previous Groups and we recognize that it is the most fair way to handle pricing.

*Once we receive your Group's fabric, assuming all blankets have been purchased, we will put your blankets into production. Group Custom blankets will ship 6-8 weeks after fabric is received (again, pending payment).

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this, and have fun forming your next group! We can't wait to make your blankets for you!