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Mystery fabric box: Bamboo Lycra highly varied prints - approx 0.5-1y cuts

  • $65.00
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With this listing you are purchasing a mystery fabric remnant box! Yay! We are so glad this beautiful leftover fabric will go to great use in your creative hands!! Some important notes about our mystery fabric boxes:

*We are NOT guaranteeing a specific total amount of fabric within each box. They will be full but not stuffed dangerously.
*Likewise we are not guaranteeing exact measurements on individual pieces. Approx 0.5-1y could mean 0.4y or 1.25y as well. A half yard could mean a fat half or a full width half. The measurements are always approximate.
* Requests for specific prints absolutely cannot be honored, I'm sorry. We will be packing these at random (within the given category) and absolutely cannot accommodate requests of any kind. Thanks for understanding.
* Mystery boxes cannot be combined with any other orders for shipping.
* All CL is washed and dried (without soap).
* CL boxes may occasionally contain french terry or other similar knits.
* We are not examining these pieces for flaws. Flaws are very common and you may see small flaws on some of your pieces.
* These fabrics come from a vast variety of hosts and vendors. Weights and drape will vary.
* Because these are remnants of our materials rather than a twinkie tush product, they are not eligible for re-sale or trade on our BST or customs pages. Of course they are yours to do as you like with - you can certainly sell them elsewhere.
* We will not accept returns for any reason other than for truly unusable fabric (eg a genuinely unusual and grotesque flaw of some kind).


We will ship to anywhere in the world :) International customers outside of Canada, please select Everywhere Else shipping.