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FUSION - New Holland Tractor w/ lagoon cv

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This is a twinkie tush FUSION cloth diaper. The outer fabric is a knit.

Please note that the diaper shown in this photo is a representation of the print. You will receive this diaper or one very much like it (with the same specifications of course).

twinkie tush one size FUSION cloth diapers can be used from approximately 12-35 lbs.

twinkie tush little tush FUSION cloth diapers can be used from approximately 10-25 lbs.

twinkie tush teenie tush FUSION cloth diapers can be used from approximately 5-12 lbs.

The FUSION is a hybrid fitted diaper. It contains the amazing twinkie tush soaker absorbency you know and love, while fusing with another style of diaper to create something fresh! The FUSION is made with hydrophobic fleece to add a mild liquid barrier. In other words, this diaper contains a small amount of 'waterproofing' that our standard fitteds do not. Please note that the FUSION *does* require a cover to be completely waterproof. The outside will eventually become damp.

Every twinkie tush FUSION diaper comes with 2 soakers: a long folding soaker, and a single flare soaker that snaps into the back of the folded long soaker.

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